Saturday, January 26, 2013

Final post tonight

WOW AND WOW some more!

Thank YOU so much my dear artsy friends
 I am delighted and inspired and overjoyed at what I have received so far, but my fingers are tired and ready for a long winters nap after my final addition tonight of Lynn Vernon

My first spot is really based on my heart and things that keep me focused on life, family, art, etc.  It incorporates my family, hanging from a copper tree cut out and chased to provide texture.  It is heat patinated and has photos of my immediate family, husband, daughters, dog, and the son-in-law to be who is officially joining our family in April but is really already a family member.  Motivational sayings are part of my daily life and I have included ones that keep me going.  One hidden gem near the LOVE sign is the top view of a glass of red wine – definitely something I love!  =)  The background is a textured paper with hand applied paint in gold and copper to add dimension.  The butterfly ready to fly from the frame with the key-hole represents my artistic desires ready to take flight and the fact that the key is in me, I just need to unlock my potential.

1 comment:

  1. The family tree is great! And I love the key to unlock the potential that you have! Let's look forward to sharing a glass of red wine!