Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wolf Moon 3

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Little Altars Project January 2013
Lynn Brown Hranac
The inspiration for my centerpiece for Little Altars literally came to me in a dream. When I awoke one morning last week I remembered my dreams which were centered on a waterfall and I knew I must include water in my personal Little Altar for our project.
I have always found the beach a place of spiritual healing. I gravitate to the sounds of the surf when I am dealing with especially hard times in my life.  The water, sky, wind and the smells plus the sounds of the beach give me a new start. I am drawn to all water lakes, streams and rivers but especially our Northern Washington  Beaches.  My favorites are Kalaloch and Ruby Beaches north of Ocean Shores, WA.  I also love Lincoln Beach in Oregon because the beach combing is great and I can stay at my sister-in-law’s house as long as I will help in garden or greenhouse when I stay. Twist my arm. I love the beach in all weather, but I think my favorite is when it is storming.
The materials I used for my Altar were all collected on Kalaloch, Ruby and Lincoln Beaches. They include miniature beach rocks, agates, sea glass (some of which I tumbled myself in the cement mixer) and drift wood. My husband always just shakes his head at the many pocketful of these small treasures I haul off the beach each visit. “Ha” I say just think of all the potential!  Today, he remarked “I am glad to see you found a use for all those rocks and sticks!” No comment!!!
My Altar is a work in progress as we go along our journey, who knows what other beach finds I will add to my little altar…….


  1. I have a small collection of beach glass and enjoy mosaics so I think this is beautiful!

  2. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I also love Kalaloch and Ruby beach and if I could I would live at the beach full time! I love the softness of beach glass and your mosaic makes me want to hit the beach right away! Beth