Thursday, January 31, 2013

Final Wolf howl

May I introduce Marilynn a multifaceted artist, Lamp work Glass fibers quilts and more, I  have known her many years and traveled to some of the same bead shows selling our wares. It was a delightful sight to see her at the Huge International Quilt Show when I was there as a vendor  shortly after Katrina. She has always had a bright smile and the most interesting projects swirling around with the playful beads she creates.
Enjoy m'dears

This is one of my elfkins, her name is Dragon Fly Girl. 
 She loves shiny things, natural things, and stuff.
 Sometimes she sits on my shoulder to help with scrabble games. 
 Fortunately it is on line;
 if I play with board and tiles I find tiles missing....
 because she likes to use them for stepping stones.

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  1. I love it! I've been wanting to try and make a little doll for one of the projects. I've never made one before. We will see. Yours is absolutely lovely and the colors are so pretty.